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Sex and Me

For whatever reason, I love sex.  I love sex with different people, I love finding what works with certain people.  I’m a mostly nonmonogomous person who enjoys having sex with people repeatedly.  I like having a large pool of partners or clients who I can learn new things from and for.  I address this like I address any job I’ve had or have or will have in the future.  I like to learn from people who are talented, I like to teach when I have something to teach.  I am addicted to learning from other people.  I love having good sex of course, but sometimes the best sex comes after working out how to fit with someone else, which may take a few times, or a dozen times, or more.  Some people are just instantly good.  Everyone is different so my best sex might not work for someone else, they might not get off how I get off, and so on.  What’s awesome about sex is that finding people who fit really well is great, but finding out how to work with differences is also really interesting to me.  As for partners, I do hold sex to be a vital part of all relationships, so if we don’t work in that area (and I’ll give it a chance, I’m not going to kick someone out after one go) it won’t work.  I am intimate and that is part of my relationships.  If the sex is not good, then the relationship probably isn’t good.

There are definitely some people that I have seen a few times who were truly scary as sexual partners.  It ended in bad feelings for me, and they seemed oblivious.  I have had a few people who I did have a few repeats, that I ended up dropping because it was just too fucked up for me.  I don’t mean kink, I mean it felt abusive.  That might work for someone else.  In fact, there is almost every type of person out there for different things, but don’t push people if they really don’t want to be pushed.  I think it’s vital to be honest with your partners about your boundaries, and that includes being able to tell someone they are allowed to push your boundaries.  I like having some boundaries pushed, I like testing some boundaries of my own, but I’m not comfortable pushing other people’s boundaries, for instance, pain boundaries.  And I like to be honest about that.  I think it’s important for other people to be honest with me about that.

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    March 13, 2015

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  2. ♀ Paradise Kendra ♀
    March 27, 2015

    Power to you. 💋

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